Preventing Casino Bonus Abuse

Casino bonuses are great rewards offered to players for creating accounts, making deposits and remaining loyal for a period of time. However, due to the number of people who continue to abuse these bonuses, they are becoming harder to get and smaller over time.

What is Casino Bonus Abuse?

Casino bonus abuse can occur in any number of ways but is characterized by 'cheating' in order to get a larger bonus or cash out a bonus before the terms and conditions have been fulfilled. One of the ways players attempt to do this is by opening multiple accounts with multiple usernames and email addresses in order to get more free money. Another way they bypass the rules is to contact a customer service agent and complain that their deposits are not showing up in their accounts.


Though relatively rare, there are some individuals out there who are able to hack into online casinos and adjust the amounts of the bonuses they receive. By adding an extra zero, these individuals can easily add thousands of dollars to the account in a matter of seconds. This is unfair to the casino and the other players, as well, because this money takes away from any bonuses that could have been provided to honest players.

Non-Existent Codes

Most online casinos provide players with a field in which to input different codes in order to take advantage of bonuses. While this is a great idea, there are some frauds who will make up codes, enter them a few times and then contact customer service to file a complaint. These people simply tell the agents that they found the code on such-and-such website and demand their credit. Though it occurs rarely, some agents comply and add the funds to the account.

Casino bonus abuse is a serious problem that takes away from the livelihood of all of the other players on the website. By cutting out bonus abuse, casinos make more money and are more willing to share the wealth with all of the players.