Playing Casino War Online

Some online casinos are happy to offer games that may not be offered at most brick and mortar casinos. Games that recall players' childhoods or are otherwise familiar to most players gain new life when gambling elements are introduced. Casino War is one of these nostalgic games that feels new and fresh when played at online casinos for real money.

The Rules of the Game

Even for players who didn't play the game as kids, the rules of Casino War are incredibly easy. The player and the dealer both have an equal stack of cards from the same deck. They take turns overturning their top card, and the card with the higher value wins. As bets are placed, the winning card takes both the cards and the bet as well. The fun part comes when the cards are a tie. Players can either forfeit their bet, or they can double it and go to war. In war or battle, each player burns three cards and plays the fourth card. If the player wins then, the house pays out even money on the extra bet.

The Benefits of Playing Online

The most obvious benefit of playing online is the chance to win some quick and easy money while playing an already exciting game. On top of this, the house edge on the game is 0% except when the player goes to war. In war, the edge climbs to between 2.33% and 3.7%, but wars are quite rare in the game. Basically, for the majority of the game, players have a 50-50 chance of winning every bet.

Casino War online is a fun game, but it moves very quickly. Players have to be careful not to get too caught up that they lose track of their budgets.